Sir walter apartments

Historic Sir Walter Apartments

“A Little Slice of History in a Modern World”

The Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel is downtown Raleigh's oldest surviving hotel building; constructed between 1923 and 1924. The hotel was constructed on a corner of Fayetteville Street; Raleigh's broad main street. At the time, the Sir Walter was the most massive building in the south portion of the business district.

Architecturally, the Sir Walter is typical of hotels of the 1920's -- a 10-story imposing, functional, L-shaped building primarily of brick, with classical ornamentation executed in stone at the street and roof levels.

Sir Walter Apartments is professionally managed by RPM Management and is intended now for seasoned individuals ages 62 and older. We offer 140 apartments in the heart of downtown Raleigh for those individuals interested in living independently. Sir Walter Apartments offers an affordable home-based senior lifestyle for these active individuals. A HUD subsidized property in which rent is based upon 30% of income.

Come experience down home active senior living and an independent lifestyle with the city at your fingertips.

Check out our Historic Ballroom!!!